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5114 NVRAM Module

No more batteries!

This is a Nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) Replacement for the 5114 RAM used mainly arcade machines, but also in Zaccaria Generation 2 machines that used a 6514. Replaces a 2114, 5114, 5514, 6514, 9114 or compatible pinout 1024 x 4 SRAM. These modules use CYPRESS F-RAM nvram ICs rated at 151-year data retention & 100 trillion reads/writes. Absolutely no batteries are needed to retain your high scores or game settings, you can remove them from your game. Machine pin headers are used on this module which are very durable and won't damage your socket at all.

Please note that on some games this will require removal of the existing RAM soldered to the board & installation of a 18-pin DIP socket (now included!!). Please see the compatibility list below for more info.

Unfortunately battery corrosion damage is much too common in games that used alkaline batteries for powering the RAM when the pinball machine is off. Many people have reported that even new batteries from major brands can sometimes leak after a year or two for no apparent reason. The corrosive alkaline can leak or wick into the board and over time will destroy the copper traces on the board and any ICs it comes in contact with. Don't let this happen to your game!


The 5114 Module should work with many arcade games that used a 2114, 5114, 5514, 6514, 9114, etc. Note that the F-RAM chips latch each address on the falling edge of the /CE (chip enable) line, so in the hardware being upgraded the /CE line must be toggled for every read/write (not tied to GND). There may also be timing or other hardware incompatibilities to take into consideration. The chip enable circuit can be verified via schematic, but the toggling of the chip enable line on every read/write would need to be verified via logic analyzer. Some games may require a 4700uf-12000uf 25v filter capacitor across the 12v power supply if the power supply is a switching supply (where the power collapses quicker than a linear supply when the game is turned off).

A few arcade games that the 5114 NVRAM is compatible with:

  • Berzerk (replace RAM at location 1E and set W11 jumper for "6514" per manual)
  • Blaster
  • Bubbles (needs 2x of these nvram modules to replace RAM at locations 0B & 1C)
  • Frenzy (replace RAM at location 1E and set W11 jumper for "6514" per manual)
  • Joust
  • Joust2
  • Robotron
  • Sinistar
  • Splat
  • Stargate

*Note: Use the 5101 nvram module for Defender.

Please let us know if you've used this module successfully in other arcade games so we can add them to the list!

We've created a list that should help you easily identify what NVRAM to get for your machine(s). In addition, the compatibility chart below has diagrams of where the RAM is located on your board(s), difficulty of installation/upgrade & notes on the upgrade.

(see picture)
Plug-and-Play installation, existing RAM is socketed. Simply swap out the existing 6514 SRAM for the 5114 NVRAM Module.

List of Games: Black Belt, Clown, Devil Riders, Farfalla, Magic Castle, Mexico 86, New Stars Phoenix, Pinball Champ, Pool Champion, Robot, Soccer Kings, Spooky, Stars Phoenix, Time Machine, Zankor


5114 NVRAM Module
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