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62256 NVRAM Module

No more batteries!

This is a Nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) Replacement for the 62256 RAM used in pinball / arcade machines. Replaces a 62256 or compatible pinout 32k x 8 SRAM. These modules use CYPRESS F-RAM nvram ICs rated at 151-year data retention & 100 trillion reads/writes. Absolutely no batteries are needed to retain your high scores or game settings, you can remove them from your game. Machine pin headers are used in this module which are very durable and won't damage your socket at all.

Please note that on some games this will require removal of the existing RAM soldered to the board & installation of a 28-pin DIP socket (included!!). Please see the compatibility list below for more info.

Unfortunately battery corrosion damage is much too common in games that used alkaline batteries for powering the RAM when the pinball machine is off. Many people have reported that even new batteries from major brands can sometimes leak after a year or two for no apparent reason. The corrosive alkaline can leak or wick into the board and over time will destroy the copper traces on the board and any ICs it comes in contact with. Don't let this happen to your game!

We've created a list that should help you easily identify what NVRAM to get for your machine(s). In addition, the compatibility chart below has diagrams of where the RAM is located on your board(s), difficulty of installation/upgrade & notes on the upgrade.

(see notes)
(see picture)
Plug-and-Play on all Whitestar games that used a 62256 RAM and/or have their "JP1" jumper (directly below the RAM chip on many of these boards) set to the 32k RAM setting. You can get by with a 6264 NVRAM Module on many of these games, but the 62256 NVRAM Module is also an option if you want to replace like-with-like on your game.
(see notes)
(see picture)
Plug-and-Play on all Whitestar games that used a 62256 RAM and/or have their "JP1" jumper (directly below the RAM chip on many of these boards) set to the 32k RAM setting. You can get by with a 6264 NVRAM Module on many of these games, but the 62256 NVRAM Module is also an option if you want to replace like-with-like on your game.

*Note: Sharkey's Shootout requires the 62256 NVRAM Module to be used.

(pictures below)

Includes WPC-Alpha, WPC-Dot, WPC-Flip1, WPC-Flip2



NOT PLUG-AND-PLAY. Requires removal of existing RAM & installation of a socket! Williams WPC games did not have their RAM socketed from the factory. Unless someone has replaced the RAM and installed a socket, you will need to remove the existing RAM IC and install a 28-pin socket. Rated higher difficulty due to thin traces on Williams WPC MPUs. Additionally there may be a jumper change required.

Note: Games could use either a 62256 SRAM or 6264 SRAM. If your game is currently using a 62256 SRAM at U8 no changes are needed. If your game currently has a 6264 in it, you may want to consider just purchasing the 6264 NVRAM Module to avoid having to make any jumper changes.

Jumper Settings:
62256 = remove R93 and install jumper W3
*Only needed if your existing ram IS NOT a 62256

Real-time clock will not function correctly on any games that utilized the clock for Midnight Madness Mode or other special time-sensitive modes. Midnight Madness Mode will not start at the correct time on Dirty Harry, Johnny Mnemonic, WHO Dunnit, Theatre of Magic, Congo, Junk Yard or NBA Fastbreak. In addition to this music on Creature From the Black Lagoon based on different dates will be affected. Twilight Zone's clock on the playfield will not show the correct time. There may be other games affected in addition to those listed here. Basically these functions will still work, but will not be based on the correct time since with nvram installed the real-time clock does not get updated when the machine is powered off.


Your current RAM might not be labeled as a "62256" -- some RAM manufacturers used different numbering on their RAM. The easiest thing to do is to write down the numbers on the RAM IC (located via the pictures above) and Google it to see if it's an 8K SRAM (6264) or 32K SRAM (62256). If in doubt, please contact us with a picture of your RAM or the number on the chip and we'll help you out.

This memory may also work in other applications where a 62256 RAM is used, but cannot be guaranteed to work in applications not listed & should not replace memory in critical circuits without proper testing. Note that the F-RAM chips latch each address on the falling edge of the /CE (chip enable) line, so in the hardware being upgraded the /CE line must be toggled for every read/write (not tied to GND). The chip enable circuit can be verified via schematic, but the toggling of the chip enable line on every read/write would need to be verified via logic analyzer. If you find this nvram compatibile with other devices, please let us know.


Boards listed as "*requires socket installation" above (mostly just WILLIAMS mpus) will likely require the existing SRAM to be desoldered/removed from the board and a socket installed in its place. If you do not have proper equipment or experience to desolder ICs and install a socket, this mod may not be for you. Williams System 11 and WPC boards have delicate traces and without proper equipment or technique you may end up causing damage to your board. Please be aware of this before purchasing the nvram module and understand the risks involved in attempting to upgrade your board.

Any attempt to modify your board is AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you aren't comfortable with performing the modifications (should your board require any for nvram installation), please seek professional installation or use a remote battery pack instead.

NVRAM is shipped in anti-static foam & anti-static bag inside a small USPS First Class Mail box. Installation instructions are included.

62256 NVRAM Module
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