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Bally/Stern Bench LED Display

Compatible with the following MPUs: Bally-17, Bally-35, Stern MPU-100, Stern MPU-200

This is an LED display for classic Bally/Stern games that is connected to the J1 connector on the MPU board and is meant to be used to assist in testing/diagnosing issues with MPU boards. It's mainly intended for people that repair boards at the bench and want to be able to "see" that the game booted up properly, test that memory backup is working correctly, simulate scoring, etc. Without a display at the bench, you can only test so many things before you need to put the MPU back in a game for further testing, but a lot of wasted time is spent pulling the board for work at the bench, fixing an issue, putting it back into a machine, etc. This LED display easily connects to the MPU at the bench with minimal connections and allows you to view Players 1-4 or the Credit/Match display easily. Please read below for further details.


  • No high voltages, a normal bench test power supply can be used
  • Uses momentary buttons to switch between each player display and credit/match displays
  • Jumper block next to momentary button to "lock-on" to a specific display
  • Allows you to "see" if a game is booting
  • Can be utilized on the bench with other switch testing tools to simulate playing a game
  • Makes it much easier to diagnose other issues when repairing boards at the bench
  • Works with 6-digit or 7-digit games
  • Can use used while MPU board is in machine to verify display circuitry
  • Plugs directly onto J1 MPU board connector (no harness required)

Display Usage

The bench LED display connects directly to J1 on the MPU board. You then just connect 5v and GND wires to your bench power supply (or to GND/5v inside the game). Once the display is connected, you can either install a jumper block to "lock on" one of the displays or remove the jumper & push the momentary switch buttons to switch between player displays. The buttons allow you to easily switch between displays.

If you have other testing equipment like a cabinet switch tester (not included) or switch matrix tester (not included) -- the display will allow you to simulate playing a game. You can add credits, start a game for up to 4 players, simulate scoring & losing a ball, watch the ball count go up & play through a whole game. It can also make testing switch circuitry on the MPU at the bench much easier since you can enter switch test mode & used along with a switch matrix tester, it would allow you to find switch issues on the MPU before installing the board back in the machine.

Bally/Stern Bench LED Display
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Bally/Stern Bench LED Display

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