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Bally/Stern Cabinet Switch Tester

Compatible with the following MPUs: Bally-17, Bally-35, Stern MPU-100, Stern MPU-200

This is a small board that hooks to J3 on a Bally/Stern MPU and can be used to simulate cabinet switches. Mostly useful for people that repair classic Bally/Stern MPU boards that don't want to have to jump wires on this connector in order to simulate entering self-test mode, adding credits, starting a game, etc.


  • Use DIP switch to set the switch RETURN line
  • Use Strobe_0 or Strobe_1 button to complete the switch press
  • Dedicated "SELF-TEST" button lets you easily enter audit mode, run display tests, etc

Usage of the Bally/Stern Cabinet Switch Tester

To use you just plug this into the J3 connector on the MPU board. You can then refer to your game manual for the cabinet switch matrix & which strobe/return lines will activate the switch you want to press. Then, just set the return line on the DIP switch (in ON position) and leave all other DIP switches off. Then press the strobe line to simulate the switch.

Bally/Stern Cabinet Switch Tester
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