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IC Tester / Logic Chip Tester

Powerful IC tester that will both identify (via IC model number) over 1500 IC types and also report if the chip is bad. Uses a single AAA battery. You simply insert a chip & press the button and it will identify the chip or report Err (error) if the chip is bad or unknown. If the chip is in its database and it reports "Err" it then the chp is bad.

Works with many 74 series, 74LS series, 74HC series, 54 series, CD4000 series, HEF4000 series, CD4500 series and more!
See the list below.

74LS00 74LS01 74LS02 74LS03 74LS04 74LS05 74LS06 74LS07 74LS08 74LS09 74LS10 74LS11 74LS12 74LS13 74LS14 74LS15 74LS19 74LS20 74LS21 74LS22 74LS26 74LS27 74LS30 74LS32 74LS36 74LS37 74LS38 74LS40 74LS42 74LS45 74LS47 74LS48 74LS51 74LS54 74LS55 74LS64 74LS73 74LS74 74LS75 74LS76 74LS78 74LS83 74LS85 74LS86 74LS90 74LS92 74LS93 74LS107 74LS109 74LS112 74LS113 74LS114 74LS125 74LS126 74LS132 74LS133 74LS136 74LS137 74LS138 74LS139 74LS145 74LS147 74LS148 74LS151 74LS152 74LS153 74LS154 74LS155 74LS156 74LS157 74LS158 74LS160 74LS161 74LS162 74LS163 74LS164 74LS165 74LS166 74LS168 74LS169 74LS170 74LS173 74LS174 74LS175 74LS177 74LS180 74LS182 74LS190 74LS191 74LS192 74LS193 74LS194 74LS195 74LS196 74LS197 74LS240 74LS241 74LS242 74LS243 74LS244 74LS245 74LS247 74LS248 74LS251 74LS253 74LS257 74LS258 74LS260 74LS266 74LS273 74LS279 74LS280 74LS283 74LS293 74LS298 74LS365 74LS366 74LS367 74LS368 74LS373 74LS374 74LS375 74LS377 74LS378 74LS379 74LS390 74LS393 74LS465 74LS540 74LS541 74LS573 74LS574 74LS595 74LS640 74LS642 74LS645 74LS670

74HC00 74HC01 74HC02 74HC03 74HC04 74HC05 74HC06 74HC07 74HC08 74HC09 74HC10 74HC11 74HC12 74HC13 74HC14 74HC15 74HC19 74HC20 74HC21 74HC22 74HC26 74HC27 74HC30 74HC32 74HC36 74HC37 74HC38 74HC40 74HC42 74HC45 74HC47 74HC48 74HC51 74HC54 74HC55 74HC64 74HC73 74HC74 74HC75 74HC76 74HC78 74HC83 74HC85 74HC86 74HC90 74HC92 74HC93 74HC107 74HC109 74HC112 74HC113 74HC114 74HC125 74HC126 74HC132 74HC133 74HC136 74HC137 74HC138 74HC139 74HC145 74HC147 74HC148 74HC151 74HC152 74HC153 74HC154 74HC155 74HC156 74HC157 74HC158 74HC160 74HC161 74HC162 74HC163 74HC164 74HC165 74HC166 74HC168 74HC169 74HC170 74HC173 74HC174 74HC175 74HC177 74HC180 74HC182 74HC190 74HC191 74HC192 74HC193 74HC194 74HC195 74HC196 74HC197 74HC240 74HC241 74HC242 74HC243 74HC244 74HC245 74HC247 74HC248 74HC251 74HC253 74HC257 74HC258 74HC260 74HC266 74HC273 74HC279 74HC280 74HC283 74HC293 74HC298 74HC365 74HC366 74HC367 74HC368 74HC373 74HC374 74HC375 74HC377 74HC378 74HC379 74HC390 74HC393 74HC465 74HC540 74HC541 74HC573 74HC574 74HC595 74HC640 74HC642 74HC645 74HC670

CD4000 CD4001 CD4002 CD4006 CD4007 CD4008 CD4009 CD4010 CD4011 CD4012 CD4013 CD4014 CD4015 CD4016 CD4017 CD4018 CD4019 CD4020 CD4021 CD4022 CD4023 CD4024 CD4025 CD4026 CD4027 CD4028 CD4029 CD4030 CD4033 CD4035 CD4040 CD4042 CD4043 CD4044 CD4048 CD4049 CD4050 CD4051 CD4052 CD4053 CD4060 CD4066 CD4067 CD4068 CD4069 CD4070 CD4071 CD4072 CD4073 CD4075 CD4076 CD4077 CD4078 CD4081 CD4082 CD4085 CD4093 CD4094 CD4099 CD4501 CD4502 CD4503 CD4504 CD4508 CD4510 CD4511 CD4512 CD4513 CD4514 CD4515 CD4516 CD4518 CD4519 CD4520 CD4522 CD4526 CD4529 CD4532 CD4539 CD4543 CD4553 CD4555 CD4556 CD4584 CD4585 CD40106 CD40107 CD40110 CD40147 CD40161 CD40162 CD40174 CD40175 CD40182 CD40192 CD40193 CD40194

LM324 LM339 LM393 LM358 LM386
TDA2822 TDA2822M
NE555 7555 NE556 7556
ULN2003 ULN2004 ULN2803 ULN2804
TLP521-1 PC827 TLP521-2 PC837 TLP521-3 PC847 TLP521-4 4N25 4N35
LED, LED Matrix Pads

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