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Stern MPU-200 NVRAM Module

Dual 5101 RAM Adapter board for Stern MPU-200 pinball machines. This module replaces both 5101 RAM ICs (at U8 and U13) on a Stern MPU-200 board and already has SMD nvram soldered on the board. These modules use CYPRESS F-RAM nvram ICs rated at 151-year data retention & 100 trillion reads/writes.

The 5101 RAM used in pinball machines is very static sensitive. On MPU-200 games, often one of the 5101s can go bad and cause all sorts of issues with scoring or odd game behavior. If this happens, it might be time to upgrade a a more reliable type of memory. You may also want to just eliminate the need for batteries entirely and upgrade to an NVRAM solution. Normally you would need 2x 5101 NVRAM adapters to do this. This adapter offers a cheaper option to upgrade to NVRAM on MPU-200 based pinball machines.


  • Ali
  • Big Game
  • Catacomb
  • Cheetah
  • Cue
  • Dragonfist
  • Flight 2000
  • Freefall
  • Galaxy
  • Lightning
  • Meteor
  • Orbitor One
  • Quicksilver
  • Seawitch
  • Split Second
  • Stargazer

There have been a few isolated reports of METEOR and GALAXY having sound issues after swapping the 5101 SRAM with NVRAM, while other people do not appear to have had any issue. Exact cause is unknown, possibly a timing issue or different logic families used on some MPU-200 boards. Swapping the factory masked ROMs (non-erasable game ROMs) with EPROMs has reportedly solved the problem in these cases. At this time it's not believed this affects *ALL* METEOR and GALAXY games.

Why A Single Board Design For Two Sockets?
It's cheaper, you don't need two separate 5101 nvram modules. Another added advantage is there's also redundant connections on most of the data/signal lines by picking up the signals at both sockets.

How Easy Is It To Install?
Plug-and-Play. Remove the MPU-200 board from your machine & place on a table or otherwise flat surface. Remove the existing 5101 RAM ICs at the U8 & U13 sockets on the MPU-200 board. Install this adapter into the MPU board.

MPU-200 NVRAM Module
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Are you a reseller, repair/service tech, arcade or museum? Have a large collection of machines you'd like to outfit with nvram? We can offer Mix-and-Match pricing on quantities of 10x or more nvram modules through email inquiry. While our 10-PACK pricing on nvram is effectively wholesale pricing, we can accomodate some additional shipping discounts or other perks for individuals or businesses with long-term wholesale need for nvram modules. CONTACT US for a bulk order inquiry today!

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