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Stern MPU-200 RAM Adapter

Dual 5101 RAM Adapter board for Stern MPU-200 pinball machines. This adapter replaces both 5101 RAM ICs (at U8 and U13) on a Stern MPU-200 board with a single 6264-compatible RAM or NVRAM chip (available for purchase separately).

The 5101 RAM used in pinball machines is very static sensitive. On MPU-200 games, often one of the 5101s can go bad and cause all sorts of issues with scoring or odd game behavior. If this happens, it might be time to upgrade a a more reliable type of memory. You may also want to just eliminate the need for batteries entirely and upgrade to an NVRAM solution. Normally you would need 2x 5101 NVRAM adapters to do this. With this adapter, you can instead utilize a single 6264-compatible NVRAM. This adapter offers a cheaper option to upgrade to NVRAM on MPU-200 based pinball machines.

What Is This Adapter For?
Mainly this adapter is useful for people that want to upgrade to 6264-compatible NVRAM & not have to purchase 2x NVRAM adapters. A single 6264-compatible NVRAM can be used, so it can save you a few dollars when upgrading Stern MPU-200 machines to NVRAM. If NVRAM is used in this adapter you also no longer have to worry about changing out batteries. This adapter could also be used with many ultra low power 6264 RAM ICs (a battery would still be required in that case).

Picture: MPU-200 Adapter installed in a Stern MPU-200 board (fits into U8 and U13 5101 sockets)


Assembled versions of this item are being discontinued going forward. If you're interested in seeing DIY options for this adapter in the future, get signed up on the wait-list below.

DIY OPTIONS (soldering required!!):

Option #1: MPU-200 Adapter BARE BOARD Only! (4.00 each - CLOSE-OUT PRICE!)
This is the bare board only. No components are included. For DIY'ers that already have a 28-pin socket and headers. Soldering required. You will need to source the remaining components. You will still need to supply your own 6264-compatible RAM or NVRAM. There are no official assembly instructions at the moment, but assembly is fairly sraight-forward since there are only a few components.

Option #2: MPU-200 RAM Adapter KIT ($5.00 each - CLOSE-OUT PRICE!)

This is a DIY Kit. Includes the 28-pins socket & headers to build the MPU-200 Adapter. Soldering required. You will still need to supply your own 6264-compatible RAM or NVRAM. There are no official assembly instructions at the moment, but assembly is fairly straight-forward since there are only a few components.

SOLD OUT!! Unless we get significant interest from the wait-list below, the DIP MPU-200 Adapter will be phased out entirely. Sign-up below if you would still be interested in seeing the DIY Kit option or Bare Boards for this item in the future. Either way, we will no longer offer assembled boards going forward on this item since it has been replaced by the SMD Version, so please only sign up on the list below if you would be interested in DIY Versions still being made available.

Please CONTACT US for availability if interested in this item.


6264 Low-Power RAM - $1.50
Brand new low-power SRAM that will work in the MPU-200 Adapter. For people purchasing DIY versions of the MPU-200 Adapter that want to buy RAM. A battery must still be used on the MPU so high scores / settings are retained when the pinball machine is off.

Used pull RAMTRON NVRAM. This is a 6264-compatible DIP-28 RAMTRON (FM1608) that will work in the MPU-200 Adapter and eliminate the need for batteries.


Why A Single Board Design For Two Sockets?
Several reasons really. A single board design has advantages of redundant connections on most of the 5101 signal lines. By picking up the signals at both sockets, if one socket is a little flaky, there's a good chance the connection at the other socket is good. It also eliminates any need for a wire harness between the sockets, which would increase assembly time & material cost of the adapters (thus increasing their price). There's also not a lot of clearance between the two 5101 sockets. All of these factors made a single board design the most attractive option.

How Easy Is It To Install?
Pretty much plug-and-play. Purchase with a RAM (pre-installed) ~or~ supply your own RAM/NVRAM & install the RAM/NVRAM into the adapter. Remove the MPU-200 board from your machine & place on a table or otherwise flat surface. Remove the existing 5101 RAM ICs at the U8 & U13 sockets on the MPU-200 board. Install this adapter into the MPU board.

The only caveat is this adapter requires removal of the MPU board from your machine before installation. This is due to the amount of force required to insert an adapter into two sockets at once. The MPU board should be set on a flat surface (ie. table, work bench) before inserting the adapter into the board. This helps the board from flexing too much during installation and also allows you to verify you have the pins aligned properly at the sockets.

I've heard about speed matching 5101s? What Is That?
Stern MPU-200 boards require faster 5101 RAM ICs than the older Stern MPU-100 or Bally MPUs. In addition to this, since there are two RAM chips that work together in providing an 8-bit addressible RAM, both of the 5101s need to have their speeds match. If the speeds do not match or one RAM is significantly slower, odd things can happen on the machine with scoring, sounds, saved high scores/settings, etc. With the MPU-200 RAM Adapter, instead of having to be concerned with speed-matching two separate 5101 RAM ICs, you can instead use a single 6264-compatible NVRAM or ultra low power 6264 RAM. The adapter plugs into both sockets & a single 6264 compatible RAM serves the same function as the 2x 5101 RAMs did.

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