Pinitech LLC is a boutique manufacturer of replacement parts and mods for pinball machines.

We build our products to meet our own high expectations of what a quality product should be. It's important to us that customers feel they got everything they paid for and more. Products should look like the pictures, function well, feel solid and be easy to use.

Attention to detail. Quality workmanship. High assembly standards. Honesty. Integrity. Truth in advertising. These are the tenets we believe are necessary to create a successful business. Happy customers and solid relationships built with trust. It's an old-school approach of doing right by people that's being lost over time.


There's a difference between the PRICE and COST of a product. The price is what you pay for the product initially. The cost is what you pay for the product over the long-term.

If you buy something that doesn't look or function like you expected it to, what did you actually save if the product doesn't meet your needs? Cheap isn't always cheaper in the long-run.


We produce quality products for the pinball community at a fair price. Product pricing is generally based on time involved in assembly or how often the product sells (ie. demand). Unique products that don't sell as often or don't have a very large market are priced higher, since there's less volume of sales to make up for what may amount to hundreds of hours of design time.

As much as possible, we try to be innovative with what we do and create different or unique products, in some cases better products because we weren't happy with what else was available. At the same time, we're respectful overall of other artists, engineers, inventors and creative people -- because we know the effort that new products and new ideas take. It's what we'd expect of others, so it's the example we'd like to set ourselves.

This is how WE operate & this is who you're supporting in purchasing from Pinitech LLC.


We get that often. Despite feeling like we're "out there" in the pinball world, we don't advertise much, our products aren't carried by many distributors & we don't attend many pinball shows.

Pinitech LLC was one of the very first manufacturers offering nvram modules (Battery Eliminators) for pinball machines, starting in 2013. We'd like to think we've helped rid many machines of the evil batteries that can destroy expensive MPU boards and would otherwise have turned great machines into paperweights. We've also provided the community with some excellent diagnostic equipment from 2013-2016. More recently, we have been been offering some pretty unique LED displays for Classic Bally/Stern machines with our own custom digits that come incredibly close to matching plasma displays.

Just our small part of helping make the pinball world a better place.

Give us a try. We're sure you'll see our commitment to excellence in the products we sell!

Website - www.pinitech.com

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