Battery Locations On Pinball Machines

Pinball machines have batteries? Yep. Batteries are used by many pinball machine manufacturers to keep high scores and game settings while the machine is powered off. The batteries are located on the MPU board which is in the head / backbox of the game (behind the backglass or translite).

Batteries came in various shapes and styles over the years and some aren't super easy to recognize. Some examples of battery locations and RAM locations are pictured below.

Battery locations are circled in BLUE.

RAM locations have a RED arrow.

This IS NOT a comprehensive list of battery locations on these machines. Different revision MPU boards for some manufacturers will have batteries and RAM chips located in different positions on the board. These are just some examples in how to locate the batteries in various games.

Williams WPC

Picture: Williams Black Rose

Williams System 11

Picture: Williams Diner

Picture: Williams Whirlwind

Williams System 7

Picture: Williams Jungle Lord

Gottlieb System 80B

Picture: Gottlieb Raven

Data East

Picture: Data East Lethal Weapon 3

Picture: Data East Secret Service

Classic Bally/Stern

Picture: Classic Stern MPU on bench

Bally 6803

Picture: Bally 6803 MPU (from

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