Pinball NVRAM Installation Videos

We often get asked if we have videos showing installation steps for NVRAM. Unfortunately we do not. Years ago when we had many machines passing through, we did not have proper video equipment and lacked video editing skills. Times have changed and our phones can now be video recorders. Except now the problem is we no longer have a very large collection of machines and the machines we do have already have nvram installed.

Luckily, some of our awesome customers have graciously made videos showing their NVRAM upgrades to help others! We thought it'd be a good idea to collect some of these in one spot.

If you have the capability and expertise to make a video for any manufacturer not below, using our Pinitech NVRAM & showing steps for the upgrade, let us know! We would love to have videos for each manufacturer and we'll gladly link to your Youtube video!

Editorial Note: Views expressed are our opinion or based on our own experience. No liability is assumed by the author or Pinitech LLC for use or misuse of information presented. Additionally, from time-to-time we may link to products we like and recommend, that if clicked may earn us a commission (at no costs to you), which both supports the content we write and the products we produce.

This is informational only. If you decide to upgrade your game, you assume all responsibility! Please see the CAUTION below.

Upgrading Some Boards Is Not Easy

We have to note this here to save people without the right tools and experience from messing up their boards. If you've never soldered before, you DO NOT want to have your first trial be soldering on a $150-300 circuit board. Practice on junk boards first! Get the right tools like a Hakko FX-888d Temperature Controllled Soldering Station and learn how to properly perform these upgrades from the videos below.

Williams WPC MPUs in particular have thin and fragile traces & unless you have the right tools and experience upgrading these circuit boards, you're very likely to damage the board.

We will not be responsible for botched upgrades and if you cannot troubleshoot yourself you'll have to send your board out for repair.

Williams WPC

Williams System 11

Classic Bally/Stern

Sega/Stern Whitestar

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