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Posted on 07/26/2023

Good News!  We have the PIGGYDEUX boards back in-stock.  It's been about 3-4 months since these were last available.  What's always cool with this item is when we hear from people who fixed their non-working Gottlieb System 80B game just by installing the PIGGYDEUX.  A few customers have told us to never stop selling them because of their usefulness =)

These are only being built in small batches so when they do sell out they may go out of stock for a few months (sometimes longer).

New Shopping Cart
Posted on 07/18/2023

A new shopping cart was added to the website, so you'll see some changes to how the checkout works.  When you add an item to your shopping cart, a cart icon will appear mid-page and show the number of items in the cart. You are free to navigate the website and add other items. Clicking on the cart icon at any time will show the cart and allow you to checkout when ready. Checkout / Payment is still through Paypal and there is still an option to quickly checkout with Paypal Express.

July 2023 Updates - PIGGYDEUX Availability & Shipping
Posted on 07/15/2023

Good News! The next batch of PIGGYDEUX boards is currently being assembled and should be completed soon. We'll only have enough boards to fill most of the requests on the waitlist, so the individuals that had already signed up on the waitlist will get first shot at the latest batch. Emails should be going out next week (Tuesday or Wednesday) so if you've been waiting a bit for the new stock, you won't have to wait too much longer! If you haven't signed up on the waitlist yet & are interested in a PIGGYDEUX, get signed up ASAP. Another batch will be getting assembled soon after the first batch is completed so we can have a bit of website inventory. Please note that this particular product may go out of stock at times for 2-3 months (sometimes a bit longer) in-between batches until there's enough sign-ups on the waitlist.

In other news, Paypal is back to its shenanigans of developers changing code and breaking things that previously worked. We've used Paypal buttons for over a decade and it seems Paypal wants to drop customers from these into more expensive options, or force the use of their API. So while things are currently working fine for the most part, we see the writing on the wall and will likely be making a change to the shopping cart in the near-future.

June 2023 - Quick Update
Posted on 06/04/2023

It's hard to believe almost half the year is over already! Well some good news is that inventories are looking a bit better after finally being able to carve out some time for pcb assembly. More of that will be happening over the summer months, which is often much slower for sales anyway, with the goal being to have inventories built up for some of the more popular products into the end of the year. Some nvram modules that have been out of stock for a bit should have some stock soon. And we'll be getting some Piggy Deux boards assembled after that to satisfy some waitlist interest on that item (thanks to those that signed up for being patient)!

That's really it for updates right now! Enjoy your summer!

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