We are only shipping our products domestically within the United States. While we would love to offer the products to global markets, unfortunately there are numerous reasons that have factored into our decision.

Why Don't You Ship To Me?

It amounts to business risk shipping certain products outside of the US.

On the postage side of things there is risk with loss of packages, large shipping delays that we cannot control that make for unhappy customers, loss of high postage costs if a package is returned undeliverable or the post office decides to stop shipping to a specific country for whatever reason and inability to properly insure packages.

On the selling side of things, there are liabilities and risks associated with shipping some products into other countries. While many businesses in this hobby don't seem to pay concern to that sort of thing, we do. Between regulations, customs and taxation requirements for various countries, there is just too much to sort out FOR EACH COUNTRY to feel comfortable offering our products globally.

The bottom line is, it's better to simplify things on our end and focus on the US market only.

Can You Make An Exception?

No. Our decision was made several years ago and we are not making exceptions.

We ship only to US addresses and we ship via USPS. We're based in the US & many of the popular pinball machine manufacturers over the years were based in the US, so it works for us. While we had shipped to a few other countries pre-pandemic, we are no longer shipping to non-US addresses.

OK, Can You Send Me The Gerber Files?

Surprisingly we get asked this a number of times each year. The answer is no.

We are a small business based in the US. Many of our products have unique characteristics or design elements that are uniquely ours & some of these products have taken hundreds of hours to design, write documentation for and test. While you may have good intentions, we have witnessed enough copying of our contributions to pinball products both domestically and abroad over the years and will not entertain sending gerber files to anyone.

We ask that other people that can create things not copy unique features of our designs and instead find new products to invent or products that you can add your own unique features to without just copying what's out there.

Will You Ever Ship Internationally?

At this time we do not foresee offering our products outside of the United States. Again, it's a business decision. Anyone in-business needs to decide where to focus their efforts, what risks to take on, etc. We would absolutely love being able to sell more of a product by offering it globally, but from a business standpoint it's simpler to only offer our products domestically.

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