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Gottlieb System 80 Daughterboard Replacement

PIGGY DEUX (Gottlieb System 80B Piggyback Alternative)

Manufacturer: Pinitech

This is an alternative piggyback board for Gottlieb System 80B machines and is meant as a plug-and-play fix on System 80B MPUs that have daughterboard issues that are causing the machine to lock-up or reset intermittently (or in some cases, stop working altogether unless you press on the daughterboard).

As many people are aware, the Gottlieb System 80B boards used a piggyback / daughter board that was soldered directly to the MPU. Over time, the solder joints fail and this causes the machine to freeze up, reset during use (due to vibration and/or expansion/contraction of cold solder joints) or the game may not even start up at all. Many times those issues are entirely the fault of the piggyback board and it's solder connections.

The PIGGY DEUX is a no-fuss, plug-and-play way to solve daughterboard issues. Instead of attempting to repair the original daughterboard, you can leave that in place. The PIGGY DEUX plugs into the TC1 socket at the top of a System 80B MPU. No board modifications. No damage to your MPU. All you have to do is take the 2764 EPROM from the original daughterboard, insert it into the PIGGY DEUX, then plug the PIGGY DEUX into the MPU board. That's all there is to it!

If you'd like to keep the reset board in-circuit there is also a header on the PIGGY DEUX to make the connections for that and we sell the wire harness to easily make the connection between the PIGGY DEUX and reset board.

The PIGGY DEUX is also useful as a diagnostic tool in that it can help to rule-out the original daughterboard from being the issue. Great to carry in a toolbox since it's small/portable and since it's plug-and-play (just remove the eprom from the original daughterboard and plug into the PIGGY DEUX). You can quickly find out if cracked solder joints on the MPU were causing intermittent issues or a non-working game.

PICTURE: PIGGY DEUX installed at the TC1 header in a System 80B MPU.
Eprom moved to PIGGY DEUX board. Original daughter board is no longer used.


THIS BOARD IS INTENDED TO WORK WITH SYSTEM 80B MPUs (ie. Gottlieb games that have the alphanumeric display).  
This is not a "magic bullet" fix for a non-working game.  Non-booting machines could be caused by power supply issues, battery corrosion damage to the MPU board, wire harness/connector issues, bad EPROMs, grounding issues, blown fuses and many other reasons. If someone has tried repairing the original daughterboard and botched traces and pads already, this will also affect the ability for the PIGGY DEUX to work properly.

The PIGGY DEUX is intended for non-hacked boards that have cold solder joints at the original un-hacked daughterboard. It's not meant as a magic-bullet for previously botched repair attempts, etc. Please have a reasonable idea before purchasing that your issue(s) are due to your daughterboard having cracked solder joints (see below) and that your circuit board is in original non-hacked condition.

How can you tell if this board may help you?
If pressing on the daughterboard while powering on the machine allows it to boot, or after the machine is booted pressing the daughterboard causes the game to lock up or reset, then it's very likely your issue is with the solder joints on the daugherboard. The PIGGY DEUX will help.

We cannot provide eproms with this board due to Gottlieb licensing rights. You will have to use your existing EPROM or source an EPROM for your game.

**OPTIONAL** Wire Harness for PIGGY DEUX

If you'd like to keep the RESET BOARD connected in your game, you can order a pre-assembled wire harness below.

This wire harness is optional for anyone wanting a pre-assembled plug-and-play wire harness. It connects the RESET BOARD in your game to the PIGGY DEUX to allow the RESET BOARD to function correctly.


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