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Two New Classic Bally/Stern LED Display Kits!!
Posted on 07/22/2017

Excited to announce two new products that have been added to the website and will be available via shopping cart shortly.  Both are FULL LED Display Kits for Classic Bally/Stern pinball machines.  There are two different styles of displays, the TRADITIONAL (two-board design) that we're all used to and the UNO (single board design).  I was keeping a tight lid on showing off the UNO until boards came in and I could verify the design.  Happy to say both of these kits are working great and I have a limited quantity of the first run of boards that I'm offering a 5% discount on until they sell out.  At this time I'm just taking orders via email or Pinside PM.. but I'll be working toward ordering more materials in for them & expect them to be available via shopping cart here on the website around mid-to-late August.  These are awesome looking displays that are low-current usage and will totally transform the look of your machine!

Updates / New Projects
Posted on 06/29/2017

Some quick updates.  More of the 7-digit PCBs for the RETROFIT displays came in this week, so no more inventory shortage there.  I'll be ordering more 6-digit conversion PCBs sometime soon as well.  The 5101 NVRAM... yeah I'm going to have to figure that one out.  The compact board just takes so long to build to hit the same price-points as the 6264/6116 modules.  I may create an alternate design as mentioned in the previous post.  The compact board would likely stick around too, but be offered at a slightly higher price as it was before.  That way people that want that look still have the option.  I have some other things in the works right now, so this may be a few months off yet.

Speaking of other things in the works.. I finally had a chance to get back into some PCB design in the past month or so.  That means, NEW PROJECTS!  Eagerly awaiting board orders for new and exciting projects is pure torture :)

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