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Williams WPC Dedicated Switch Tester

Easily test WPC dedicated switch circuitry at the bench or in a game.

64 Switch Matrix Tester

Universal switch matrix tester capable of simulating up to 64 switches.

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Memorial Day Savings on NVRAM!
Posted on 05/18/2017

Running some sales on NVRAM Modules now through Memorial Day.  Some modules are as low as $10 each in a 10-pack.  Single module pricing is also a bit cheaper too.  So if you've got a large collection you need to outfit with nvram, now's a great time to purchase in bulk!

Back From Pinfest!
Posted on 05/09/2017

Got back from Pinfest a few days ago.  Saw quite a few familiar faces & despite being horrible with names, I recognized many people from last year!  Thanks to everyone that stopped by to say hello or purchase some nvram!  I'm sure I missed some people since it got incredibly busy at times with also helping with the project machines my father brought along, so I apologize if anyone stopped by with questions and I was busy.  I kept inventory very light this year anticipating I wouldn't have time to build out a full assortment of products or answer questions about diagnostic tools, etc like last year... and definitely glad I did since it got pretty busy at times just with what was brought along.

Now that the show is over, I'll be refocusing efforts toward a few products I'd like to get a leg-up on with inventory.  5101 nvram is definitely one of those items.  I just didn't have time to get a bulk amount ready before the show, but I'd like to get quantity discounts re-added for those.  Diagnostic tools will still likely remain a "special request" type of item for assembled boards.  I'll likely add DIY KIT options back to the shopping cart on those but don't expect to get much pre-assembled for those anytime soon.  If there's anything you're interested in that's not available via shopping cart, send an email & I'll see if I can work it into the mix.

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    05/17/2017 - 5101 NVRAM Bulk Discounts
    Bulk discounts for 5101 NVRAM are now available again!

    02/07/2016 - New Product - Classic Bally/Stern SDB Testers
    Adding a new diagnostic tool set to the mix. The Bally/Stern SDB Testers are a pair of diagnostic tools to help with bench testing or in-machine testing of SDB circuitry. These will begin shipping on 2/11.

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