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Williams WPC Dedicated Switch Tester

Easily test WPC dedicated switch circuitry at the bench or in a game.

64 Switch Matrix Tester

Universal switch matrix tester capable of simulating up to 64 switches.

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APRIL - FREE SHIPPING Domestic Orders Over $150
Posted on 04/02/2017

Going to try something new here.  For the entire month of April, any domestic / US order over $150.00 will get FREE SHIPPING.  This should now be setup in the Paypal shopping cart, but please let me know if you have any issues when ordering.  Not to leave out our International customers, I'll also offer discounted shipping for Canada/Australia orders over $150.00 for the month of April -- but you'll need to contact me to place your order.  In addition to this, I'm trying out flat-rate shipping again on US orders under $150.00 that will likely mainly work in favor of anyone on the west coast.  Last year because of postal rate hikes I had to change shipping calculations to be based more on regional rates, especially after adding some heavier items to inventory.. but I'd like to experiment with flat rates again & the FREE SHIPPING on domestic orders over $150.00 to see how that works out.

NVRAM Bulk Pricing
Posted on 04/01/2017

Some of the bulk pricing for larger quantities of nvram was removed at the beginning of this month.  This was due to a material shortage along with wanting to pull some inventory for an upcoming pinball show.  Just got one of the material orders I was waiting on in & I've started adding some bulk discounts back into the shopping cart.  Some nvram modules may not have 5x or 10x quantities available for a bit, please Contact Us if interested in ordering larger quantities than what's available through the shopping cart at this time.  Thank you!

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    04/02/2017 - Free Shipping - $150+ Domestic Orders
    Offering FREE SHIPPING on US / domestic orders totaling $150.00 or more for the month of April.  See latest blog post for details.

    02/07/2016 - New Product - Classic Bally/Stern SDB Testers
    Adding a new diagnostic tool set to the mix. The Bally/Stern SDB Testers are a pair of diagnostic tools to help with bench testing or in-machine testing of SDB circuitry. These will begin shipping on 2/11.

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