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Is it almost March Already?
Posted on 02/24/2017

Why hello there :)  It's been a while.  If you noticed there haven't been a ton of updates coming out of here or on Pinside.  Not really much for new products, no discussion of new ideas.  The LAB page is gone.. at least for the moment.  Fully assembled diagnostic equipment really hasn't been offered except by email request.  NVRAM sale pricing has been fairly volatile and is now at some of its lowest pricing in history here at PINITECH.  So what gives?

Well, 2017 has had an interesting start.  My plans for Jan/Feb went completely out the window again..and again.  That's okay though, I'm getting more used to that happening & trying to embrace change.  The biggest change for me so far this year is I've been thrown back into repairing machines after about a 4yr hiatus, mainly due to the nicer weather here on the East Coast and needing to down-size with projects that were taking over all available space.  As such, time has been very limited.  So despite really wanting to get back into some new PCB designs, it's good to be seeing some space where there was none.  New designs are coming soon though, I can promise you that.  I'm adopting some new approaches to what I'm trying to do -- including focus on stream-lining higher volume products and just pricing the lower volume niche products where they need to be priced.  You probably won't hear a whole heck of a lot out of me for much of this year until some new products are ready-to-go, but I'm still very much around and there's lots of ideas in-the-works.  Judging how the last few months went, there's bound to be some more thrills-and-spills to 2017.. even I don't know what I'm up to, and sometimes that's the most exciting place to be =)

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    02/24/2017 - NVRAM Sale
    Currently running a SALE on many of the nvram "Battery Eliminator" modules --  now $12.95ea or less in bulk.

    02/07/2016 - New Product - Classic Bally/Stern SDB Testers
    Adding a new diagnostic tool set to the mix. The Bally/Stern SDB Testers are a pair of diagnostic tools to help with bench testing or in-machine testing of SDB circuitry. These will begin shipping on 2/11.

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